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Fresh Academic Voices

An exciting new series of conversations with five of the nine contributors in St Anne’s Academic Review, Volume 11 – the college’s interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published by graduates.

1. Introduction to Fresh Academic Voices

2. Naomi Hoodless: ‘Won’t somebody please think of the gays!’

Naomi, a teacher of languages from Cumbria, talks about her research on LGBT issues in secondary education. She carried out this investigation during her PGCE at Oxford, while teaching French and German at her placement school. Teachers, Naomi argues, should be trained to handle LGBT students’ concerns. Schools are uniquely placed to support these students as they come to terms with who they are.

3. Conrado Eiroa Solans: The nature of human emotions

What are emotions? Are they ingrained in the brain’s architecture, or are they socially constructed? We dive into the wonders of the human brain with Conrado Eiroa Solans, a Master’s candidate in Psychological Research who studies the nature of human emotions. Conrado presents the two schools of thought – the classical biological perspective and the social-constructionist view – and he draws evidence from a lesion case study and brain scans to explain the nature of what human beings feel.

Music, languages, law, and teaching. How do they interrelate?

I’ve been tying all my experiences from music school, law school, Sistema Alsace and the Royal Philharmonic Society into my training as a secondary school teacher.

Graduates studying for a PGCE at the University of Oxford have been going into schools every week since October. The pressures on teachers are immense in our present pandemic, but staff in every department will determine to give pupils the care, knowledge and attention they need at this stage of their lives.

In December 2020, I spoke to Guillaume Paugam from STAMP, St Anne’s College’s podcast for graduates, about my journey into linguistics and teaching.


One can find solace in listening to the words and thoughts of writers across the ages. Under lockdown I start a podcast – Lectio – to keep and share such words.

The first reading was Sutra of the Heart by Robert Bringhurst, on 26.01.2021.